Many people assume that when it comes to books, writing them is the hard part. However, anyone who has tried to get a book published knows that as much blood, sweat and tears as you have invested in completing your manuscript, the work is only just beginning. If you’re new to or unfamiliar with the ins and outs of the publishing industry, it can often seem an impossible task to turn your ideas or manuscript into an actual published book.

That’s where AfterWords Books comes in. We know you have lots of questions, but with decades of combined experience in the publishing world, we have the expertise to answer them and remove the stress and uncertainty regarding the publishing process. Our team is here to guide you—from start to finish—through the task of publishing and publicizing your book.

AfterWords Books is a small, independent publisher that prides itself on its commitment to its writers. Just as no two books are the same, we understand that every writer has different needs; we purposefully work with a limited number of clients in order to ensure that we give our undivided attention to each project and can offer highly personalized support and direction based on each writer’s unique requirements. We’re the ideal choice for first-time or second-time authors who are unfamiliar with how the industry works (or find they are overwhelmed by the technical side of things!).

Afterwords Books offers the following comprehensive roster of publishing services:

  • Manuscript Development: Constructive and creative feedback and suggestions to help flesh out story outlines and ensure your story is fully formed.
  • Copyediting
  • Book Design, including cover design and interior layout
  • Printing and Publication
  • Promotion and Publicity. Includes writing and distribution of press releases as well as focused social media campaigns and networking.

Publishing a book can be daunting, but we won’t let you get lost. We’ll confidently guide you towards a polished final product worthy of all your hard work.

Contact Us if you would like to work with AfterWords Books.